Lifting beams and lifting devices

We supply lifting beams for increased safety and optimum handling. Our customers’ lifting needs are varied and demanding, from a production perspective, but above all from a safety perspective.

Over the years, KLAB has delivered many different types of lifting devices that have helped our customers to improve safety and achieve optimum handling. To find the right solutions, we have high competence requirements and understanding of our customers’ production.

KLAB has extensive experience of analysing, constructing and specially-adapting various forms of lifting devices according to our customers’ needs. We carry on where others stop and solve even the most difficult problems together with our customers and according to their wishes.

KLAB is not dependent on any one supplier and has the competence to adapt its own equipment to any manufacturer on the market. We can also help you to produce a modernisation proposal to optimize your existing equipment, as well as providing service on site or in our own workshops.