Zonal interlocking

KLAB is the Nordic main dealer for Symeo, which develops and manufactures the most modern components in sensory technology for positioning and distance measurement for industrial applications. Together with our own customisations, we create unique and complete systems for various needs and environments. Our solutions are based on a new, easy to use system for improved safety by means of flexible configuration.

Each working area in question is easily defined, after which a choice can be made whether this is part of the overhead crane’s working area or an area to be avoided. Area definition is done simply by means of a teach-in function where the crane is moved first to one corner and then to the opposite diagonal corner of the area. It is equally easy to define whether the area is to be active or not, either temporarily or for later use.

Our restricted area application is easy for operators to handle, which means they can make full use of it. KLAB’s system is based on radio frequency control, which is a big advantage where other types of systems can be affected negatively by tough and dirty environments.